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We are proud to be able to report that the principle dog handler at GSD was the first person in the UK to achieve



have our own

National Association of Security Dog Users approved trainer

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Dog Section


Working with dogs is really where GSD started. The company founder has been involved with dogs for over 30 years and has gained a great deal of experience in training and working with them. As a result of the level of experience present in the men who staff our dog section we are able to 'do what we say we do' and not just send out a man with an out of control 'teeth on a lead' type dog as some other security companies do.


In the GSD dog section we have a mix of proactive and passive general patrol dogs which are trained in skills such as, intruder detection, searching, patrolling and handler protection. All of our dogs and handlers are trained and certified to the standards set out by the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) with some handlers also being certified by the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT).

The working abilities of all of our dogs are constantly assessed and training is given to both dogs and handlers by our own NASDU approved trainer at our purpose built training facility in West Cornwall. In addition to their working abilities our dogs are assessed on their approachability and social skills as we quite often work in situations that put our dogs and their handlers in close proximity to the public.


As an additional service to the General Purpose Dog teams GSD are now able to offer the services of a fully trained drugs detection dog & handler. Our drugs dog is trained to detect illegal substances and indicate their location to his handler. The company owner is licensed by the home office to hold 'live drugs' for use in the training of detection dogs and the use of 'live' substances ensures that the dog delivers a first class service with an extremely high hit rate.

This service is of great use to nightclubs, schools, housing schemes for the young and vulnerable or in any place where people meet and the potential for drug abuse is present.


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